Hosted Emails

Emails are a centralized part of your business. Make sure you choose the right platform that suites you email needs. We offer a variety of platforms to host your emails on. Call us now for you email solution.

Network & Internet

Companies today need a good running network. Let our team of experts make sure your network runs smoothly for you and your employees.

Creative Solutions.

Have a problem and need an IT solution? Talk to us about it. Our team will come back with creative solutions to your unique problem.


Service We OFFER

Server Admin

Do you run on-prem servers? Are they up-to standard? Not sure. Call us and our team will make sure they are.

Backup Solutions

Do you need to backup your important data? Why not give us a call and find out about our online backup solution.

Cloud Computing

Do you want to start leveraging the cloud for your business? Call us and let’s put you up there.

CCTV Systems

Looking for a way where the power of cameras is placed in your hands? Call us today and find out if our solution will work for you.


Need website or software created or maintained? Running an online store? Call our team of experts and lets see what we can do for you.

Network Storage

Do you want to have an internal OneDrive like storage system on your company network? Call us we have the solution.


We are IWD since 2014

Team Work

Committed, Creative and Caring.


Technology & Trust pays off in the long run.


Kempton Park, Gauteng , South Africa.


We differentiate ourselves from competitors in various ways, such as:

Customized Solutions: We create tailor-made solutions that address the unique needs of each client. We take the time to understand our clients’ business objectives and create custom designs that align with those goals.

Creative Design: We offer creative and visually appealing designs that captivate our clients’ target audience. We have a team of experienced designers who stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies.

User-Centered Design: We prioritize user experience by designing websites and applications that are easy to navigate, visually appealing, and intuitive. Our focus is on creating a seamless user experience that encourages users to engage with the platform.

Technical Expertise: We distinguish ourselves by having a team of experienced developers who are skilled in a range of programming languages and technologies. We provide solutions for complex IT issues and ensure that websites and applications are optimized for speed and performance.

Customer Service: We prioritize excellent customer service by offering ongoing support and communication with our clients. We establish long-term relationships with our clients and go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Our Values

Our company is guided by core values that include trustworthiness, effectiveness, collaboration, innovation, dedication, and loyalty. We prioritize honesty, transparency, and integrity in our dealings, providing effective solutions that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. We embrace innovation and continuous improvement while building long-term relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and loyalty.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our company, Izak Web Designs, is to provide innovative and effective IT solutions that help businesses and individuals overcome their everyday IT issues. We strive to create websites, applications, and other digital platforms that are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and functional. Our goal is to help our clients establish a strong online presence and enhance their brand identity. Additionally, we aim to offer exceptional customer service and support to ensure our clients’ continued satisfaction and success.